PR strategy for business

PR strategy for business with case study ( like KFC etc.)

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In this Blog, we explains how a good PR strategy helps in growing your business
Along with the benefits of a strong Public
Relation (PR) strategy, 7 innovative and affordable PR strategies, which will make media automatically cover your story and make your brand as famous as never before.

The benefits of a strong PR strategy for business owners are

#1: Raise Awareness

 A strong PR strategy increases awareness about your brand through massive media coverage More and more people will know about your business and search for your business on Google

#2: Drawing New customers

An interesting and strong PR strategy draws new customers to your business without too many expenses
A positive news coverage about your brand can influence a large number of customers in one go, as more and more people will choose your product over your competitors.

#3 Lead Generation

A well thought PR strategy can certainly drive your sale to the new heights.

A media coverage driven by a PR event will:

• Make people know about the benefits of your business

• Generate more traffic on your website
• Help small business owners increase their visibility without huge marketing expenses

 #4 Entice Investors

An interesting and perfectly executed PR strategy pulls the investors’ interest in your business

Having a positive PR strategy gives you an upper hand while negotiating with investors

#5 Attract Employees

A robust PR strategy, makes the qualified
employees know about your company

It builds your companys image in a positive that attracts more talented people to join you

PR Angle

Without a proper PR angel, all your efforts in the PR activity will be a waste

If you want media to cover your story and make
your content go viral, then you have to give them a reasonable reason lo make your PR strategy newsworthy.
As such, plan a PR activity that has an objective and angle.

“Do not run after the media, think of ways and let
the media find you”

7 Innovative PR strategies

7 innovative and affordable PR strategies that can make you brand get media attention:

#1: Use Social Media for Participation Invite

Use social media in the following ways as a PR strategy:

• Make use of tools like Facebook Live and Twitter hashtag to engage with customers
• Create and share hashtags of your brand
• Make your brand’s hashtags trend on social media
• Talk to industry people on Facebook live
• Discuss your consumer’s problems on social media live
• share some lips to the customers on social media
• Track your profile on the website and social media to control your quality reputation
• Address the consumers concerns timely
• Amplify the trend good reviews on social media
• Feature your costumers on your social media handles to engage them
The more interesting and relevant to your topic is,
the more people will connect with you.

Based in Noida, clothing brand Lakhina Couture made beautiful use of social media to spread their brand value. on their Facebook, Instagram and TikTok profile, they shared the images of women donned in their attire with a hashtag (#HappyCustomer). It worked so well that in just 2 years their Instagram following reached 124,000 and customers jumped 10 times.

viewing their phenomenal growth, Economics Times and many other online platforms covered their story massively.

Plan Contest and Giveaways

if you spend some money to organise some contests and giveaways, it will be a game-changer to grab the customer’s attention.
Not only they will become your lifetime customer, but bring more of them

#2: Attach Your Startup to an Influencer

An influencer Is a person who already has a
massive following on social media People listen to influencers blindly and love to try the product they
it is like a social media celebrity who can create excitement for your brand without huge expenses

Both small and big businesses can use social media influencers to make their customers engage with their brand.


KFC use PR strategy, KFC launched a campaign Secret Burger by collaborating with social media influencers to launch their new product Double Down Burger

 The influencers on the social media pages shared the images asking the followers to guess the name of the burger

This campaign become so popular that people in the large number thronged at the KFC outlets the day product was launched.

#3 Stand out for the crowd for the publicity stunt:

The way film actions remain In the minds of people for a longer period, similarly, a clever PR strategy can prove to be magical for your business
It will increase brand awareness, get media attention and create an impact.


Bring Your own cup campaign: Global
convenience brand ‘7- Eleven launched a
campaign in which they asked the customers to bring your own cup (BYOC)

The campaign went viral as people in large
numbers gathered at the brand’s outlets with their cups

To their surprise, at the outlet, the customers were offered to fill their cup with a cold drink for just $ 1.5 regardless of the cup size.

This campaign has become so popular that people and media wait for this campaign every year


Big Bazaar PR strategy, Big Bazaar launched its first republic day sale Sabse Sasta 5 Dine in 2006. In this people were offered to purchase whatever they wanted at a discounted price for 5 days.

Big Bazaar got fantastic PR as every media channel and newspaper covered their story with their sales increasing twice or thrice year on year.

#4: viral Marketing Campaign

Social media and smartphones have made the viral campaign very famous. the viral campaign has bridged all the social media networks

You can share content with your friends, they can share it with their friends and it will go on building a chain and campaign will start trending on social media.

No one can assume the reach of viral campaigns. Publicity is also so much that a buzz is created and your brand becomes the star brand overnight.


In 2017, Bajaj Avenger launched a 1.50-minute video on Independence Day. It had an impactful message on women in which women were seen riding bikes on the roads in the night.
In the end, it had a strong message by Mahatma Gandhi “The day women can walk freely on the roads at night that day we can say India has achieved independence”

The campaign went viral overnight as it got:
. 11 million views on YouTube
. 6 million views on Facebook

Bajaj got more than 50 PR strategy from this campaign

It shows that a small, simple and powerful message make a campaign go viral and build a brand image overnight.

#5: Position Yourself as an Expert of the Industry

As a business owner you can position yourself as an expert in the following ways:

• Identify topics on which you can speak with foolproof knowledge
• Do the research and hold Facebook Lives
• Share Instagram stories
• Share blog posts

with this, you will look different from your
competitor, and you may get an invitation as a guest speaker at the local media events.


showcasing himself as an expert, Swami Ramdev started telling about the Yoga and Ayurvedtc products in his public gatherings.with this, he dd not only sell products worth millions but converted many non-yoga believers into Yoga enthusiasts.This is the power of expert opinion as humans like to hear the opinions of experts and implement them in their lives

#6: Become Part of a Cause

Connect your brand with a larger mission through a long term PR strategy. It includes PR activities like charities that connect many people.

It has two benefits
• your brand value will be built
• The social cause will also get publicity


In 2010, WWF PR strategy, WWF India launched a campaign against climate change. In the campaign. WWF asked the citizens to observe ‘Earth Hour by switching off all their lights and electronic gadgets. It was observed in 128 cities in India by 6 million people.

The campaign became so popular that now Earth
Hour is celebrated every year across the world Till
2o17, 30 million people participated in this
campaign in India

With this #earthhour has become all time trending hastag on social media The campaign worked as a mind-blogging PR strategy for WWF as it became synonymous with the organisation.

#7: Digital Marketing

Every startup wants maximum coverage without spending too much, which is possible only through digital marketing.
on digital marketing you have to monitor these things:

• SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
• SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
• PPC (Pay per Click) management
• Facebook Ads
• Google management
• Display network management (Banner advertisement)
• SMO (Social Media Optimization)
• ORM (Online Reputation Management)

By monitoring these points and analytics you will get to know:
• How much time customers are spending on your website?
• which keywords are they searching most?
• which search words are used maximum times?
• When and where banner advertising is clicked?

It will help you make a strong digital marketing strategy and build your brand.
So, evaluate your business with the angle of social media presence, and decide the best PR strategy for your business.

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